Though the title ‘Giovincello’ seems to make a specific musical reference, it is simply an affectionate Italian term meaning ‘young man’. Edgar Moreau was only 20 years old when he recorded this album with Il pomo d’oro, under the direction of Riccardo Minasi.

Edgar Moreau brings youthful energy and virtuosic thrills to 18th-century cello concertos by Haydn, Vivaldi, Boccherini, Platti, and the world-premiere recording of a Baroque concerto by Carlo Graziani.

The result of the fruitful collaboration between Edgar Moreau and Il pomo d’oro is an album of high energy and bubbling virtuosity, but also of refinement and a glorious Italianate sound. Giovincello‘s repertoire also embodies the genesis of what was a golden age for the cello in Italy.

The album has been recorded at the Villa San Fermo in Lonigo, Veneto, Italy. The program was also presented on January 15th 2015 as part of the first joint winter season of Il pomo d’oro and the Venetian Centre for Baroque Music.

Listen to Giovincello: