Anna Fusek

“It is definitely a very intense and emotional experience playing for and working with the refugee children. So many little eyes full of life, energy and interest. I hope very much, that this project is going to grow fast, develop well and be able to reach all the children in the camps. Thanks to all the teachers, musicians and staff in Athens who are doing the essential regular work in the camps!”


Anna Melkonyan

“The meeting with the enthusiastic and committed young people from El Sistema Greece, whom we accompanied in Athens and Camp Skaramagkas, was impressive. In music lessons for refugee children in the Athens Impact hub and in the camp, we had as much fun as the little ones themselves. We saw many shining eyes! The children were friendly, eager to sing and dance, and very curious about the musical instruments. It was a highly emotional and touching experience. I would like to see a broad support for this particular and important project, so that it can be further developed and expanded.”


Daniela Nuzzoli

“These days in Greece working for “El Sistema” have filled my heart with hope that music can unite people, create a new generation that believe in a world without prejudices, a world full of love, beauty and happiness.”