November 2013

Concerti per due violini e archi

Riccardi Minasi, violin

Dmitry Sinkovsky, violin

Vivaldi was known in the XVIIIth century as a great violonist. He composed more than 90 concertos, some of which are said to be unplayable. Henceforth, two of the greatest baroque violonists of the new generation accompanied by the spiritic ensemble Il Pomo d'Oro are performing the most spectacular concertos of the Venetian genious.

Concerto RV 523 on la minore
Concerto RV 510 in do minore
Concerto RV 509 in do minore
Concerto RV517 in sol minore
Concerto RV 515 in mi b maggiore
Concerto RV 508 in do maggiore