November 2018

La Doriclea

Alessandro Stradella: La Doriclea

il Pomo d'Oro | Andrea De Carlo

Emöke Barath, Giuseppina Bridelli, Xavier Sabata, Luca Cervoni, Gabriella Martellacci, Riccardo Novaro

Arcana, 2018


Classic Voice, Album of the Month, May 2019
— Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2018/19



"Emőke Baráth is a feisty Doriclea and nowhere more so than in her encounter with Xavier Sabata’s Fidalbo in Act II. But it’s Gabriella Martellaci’s rich contralto as the worldly-wise Delfina that lingers on the ear, and the magnificent music-making from Il Pomo d’Oro."
BBC Music Magazine, March 2019

"A multitude of little short arias and duets are performed with zesty vibrancy by Il Pomo d’Oro…Emke Baráth’s Doriclea and Giuseppina Bridelli’s Lucinda are both crystalline and sensual. The steadfast Celindo’s laments in response to Lucinda’s unwarranted scorn are sung dulcetly by Luca Cervoni."
Gramophone Magazine, March 2019

"The standouts are unquestionably Emőke Barath’s beautifully sung and articulated Doriclea, a superbly rounded assumption of the part, and the bass Riccardo Novaro’s magnificent and richly comic portrayal of the servant Giraldo…Andre De Carlo’s direction of the small ensemble drawn from Il Pomo d’Oro is exemplary."
Opera, May 2019